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Who we are and how we came to work together

We are a decentralized cooperative of self-employed professionals from within the digital realm. We work independently, without fixed office hours or locations. Some of us work from remote corners of the world while travelling, while others are available from the familiar environment of their own homes. In order to benefit from the most thorough and efficient communication strategies possible, we take advantage of all technological tools and advances at our disposal. This enables us to coordinate and consult with clients and eachother about projects within our agency. This lean business structure allows us to offer competitive prices which closely translate into our employees’ wages rather than covering extensive general costs and service fees. 

We began working together in 2018, implementing digital projects of all sorts. Throughout the starting phase, we acquired most of our customers through word of mouth. As more and more customers reported high satisfaction rates in our services, we finally decided to create this platform at the end of 2019. We now use it to present an overview of services, provide background information as well as a chance to get in contact with us. Get to know our team here.



Our agency was founded by freelancer and digital nomad Oliver Schönegge. Oliver looks back on many years’ work experience in the international start up scene. He has gained professional knowledge as team lead and COO at a German start up incubator as well as large global companies. Aside from his involvement in the administration of this business, he is also the CTO or, more specifically, the managing director of two other companies. To find out more about Oliver’s professional background and qualifications, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Oliver decided to start working on a freelance basis a few years ago. His decision was driven by the motivation to add value to society and the environment through his work, rather than simply earning money for large investors. 

We all share a similar motivation in our work: we want to use our time and dedicate our professional skills to support projects that have a durable, positive impact on our society and environment. We therefore focus on selected projects.

We have decided to donate at least 25% of our yearly profits to charitable projects and non-profit businesses. 

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We donate at least 25% of our revenue to social and environmental projects each year.

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