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AI consulting for your company

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Step through the digital age with an agency that perfectly combines innovation and expertise. Discover how AI can transform your business.

Application areas of AI 


Optimization of business processes through AI


Automation of recurring tasks


Gain insights from data and make informed decisions


Increase productivity and efficiency

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Our customers

We strive for a transparent & close relationship with our customers. They come from different industries and have the most diverse requirements. See for yourself if we can meet their requirements.

Our projects

The projects we implement are as diverse as our customers and their needs. We are proud to be able to implement many different projects and to use the latest technologies. The fulfillment of customer needs is always our first priority.

Oliver Schönegge - Gründer von schoenegge.io

Why schoenegge.io?

"As founder of schoenegge.io, I am always personally at your side and ensure precise implementation of your ideas. Our expertise in AI enables us to develop customized solutions for your company."

Oliver Schönegge
CEO, schoenegge.io

Get to know us better

Behind every successful project is a dedicated team. Discover who we are, what drives us and why schoenegge.io is the right partner for your digital ventures. Dive into our history, our values and the people who turn our vision into reality.

Would you like to learn more?

Arrange a no-obligation meeting with me, Oliver Schönegge, and discover the possibilities of AI for your company.