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About us

Founder & Vision

Oliver Schönegge - Gründer von schoenegge.io

Oliver Schönegge

Oliver Schönegge is at the heart of our agency and brings with him an impressive diversity of experience. With years of experience as a project manager, product owner, business development manager, marketing manager and managing director, he has a deep understanding of the multi-layered demands of the digital world. As the heart of the agency, Oliver places great importance on personally addressing our clients' concerns and ensuring that their visions are turned into reality.

Our expertise

At schoenegge.io we combine years of experience in web development and online marketing with a deep passion for digital innovation. This also results in our latest passion: AI. Our experts are always at the cutting edge of technology and use best practices to deliver solutions that not only meet current requirements, but are also future-proof.


Individual solutions

Every business is unique, and so are our solutions. We listen, understand your needs and develop customized strategies that deliver results.


Transparent communication

With us, you always know where you stand. We keep you informed about every step of the process and are always there to answer your questions.



No matter what the problem is, or how tight the time frame: We are here for you and support you in every way.

Our team

At schoenegge.io, we are proud of our dedicated team of freelancers who implement outstanding projects under the experienced guidance of Oliver Schönegge. Over the years, we have developed a well-rehearsed collaboration that allows us to work efficiently and purposefully. While our team consists mainly of developers, our ensemble is also enriched by a communications expert who specializes in branding and positioning. Our size and structure, unlike larger companies, allow us to respond quickly to change and adapt flexibly to new circumstances. This agile approach, combined with our expertise, ensures that we always act in the best interest of our clients.

Our way of working

Our team of experts combines individual expertise in areas ranging from brand positioning and web development to business development with a modern and efficient way of working.



Instead of relying on intuition alone, we rely on sound data. In close cooperation with you, we define relevant key figures. These are continuously measured and used as the basis for our development steps and measures to ensure consistent improvements.



Through the agile way of working with the Scrum framework, we at schoenegge.io focus on flexibility, transparency and continuous improvement. Scrum enables us to deliver working product increments at regular intervals, always responding to our customers' feedback. This iterative approach not only ensures rapid adaptation to changing requirements, but also closer collaboration with our customers. The result: tailored solutions that precisely meet the customer's needs and offer real added value.



Remote working: Always there for you: Although we are mostly based in Berlin, our customers benefit from our remote working style. This allows us to act flexibly and independently of location, which means that we are always ready to work, regardless of time and place. Being always ready to work ensures quick response time, efficient project progress and constant communication. This allows us to ensure that your projects always remain in focus and that you benefit from our uninterrupted support.


Our values

At schoenegge.io, our values are not just words on paper - they are the foundation of our work and culture.



is paramount; we always act honestly and transparently towards our customers and partners.



drives us to constantly search for better solutions and to develop further.



is the key to our success; we believe in the power of working and learning together.

Customer focus

for us means always keeping an eye on the needs and wishes of our customers and offering customized solutions.



Finally, we are committed to excellence in everything we do to always achieve the best results.

Our partnerships

netlify Partner - schoenegge.io

Technology Partner: Netlify

To develop state of the art software for you, we work closely with our partner Netlify as the basis for our projects:

"The key components of successful websites today are speed, flexibility and security. Netlify unifies these aspects by consolidating all phases of building, deploying and hosting into a single workflow, supported by one platform.

On this foundation, schoenegge.io and Netlify help you rethink how to design, build and easily scale modern websites and apps, led by the Jamstack movement initiated by Netlify. Developers can create agile and flexible environments that don't require legacy infrastructure."


haftpflichtversicherung exali - schoenegge.io

IT Liability

For your and our security, we have taken out IT_liability insurance with Exali:

"IT liability" is a specific insurance policy for the IT and telecommunications industry. In contrast to conventional business liability insurance, it also protects the contractor and the client against typical IT pure financial losses.

Comprehensive insurance cover
The "IT Liability" is structured according to the "all-risk principle" and thus offers comprehensive insurance coverage. Due to the "open coverage", all activities and services of the IT expert are insured, which are not excluded in a clearly defined way in the insurance conditions."

IT Law Firm

For your legal protection we have established a partnership with IT-Recht Knazlei:

"IT-Recht Kanzlei" is a law firm specializing in e-commerce, based in Munich. It is one of the largest providers of national and international legal texts for Internet presences. IT-Recht Kanzlei offers legally secure legal texts (such as general terms and conditions, privacy policy & Co.) incl. maintenance service from 5.90 EUR net per month. For traders, this means permanently up-to-date and, above all, legally compliant legal texts - with maximum ease of handling: the updating of legal texts is fully automated via interfaces with the most common store systems. In addition, clients can access, among other things, numerous samples, instructions and interesting service offers on the subject of e-commerce.

Let's create great things together!

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