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In our increasingly digitalized world, control over data is of immense importance. Nextcloud offers a powerful solution that enables self-determination over data. As an agency experienced in setting up and supporting Nextcloud instances, we offer comprehensive services to help you get the most out of this powerful platform.

Transparency and data protection

The fact that Nextcloud is open source means complete transparency and promotes trust when it comes to data protection. As open source software, Nextcloud's source code can be viewed and reviewed by developers worldwide, providing an additional layer of security.

Nextcloud Backup

We understand how important it is to back up data securely and reliably. Our Nextcloud servers on Hetzner VMs provide regular backups to ensure the integrity of your data. So your data is safe even in the event of unexpected events.

Nextcloud Office

Nextcloud Office is a key part of our offering, enabling the creation, editing and sharing of documents in a secure environment. This offers an excellent alternative to conventional office solutions, with the advantage of complete control over your data.


Simple and complex installations

The basic installation of Nextcloud is relatively simple, but setting up special extensions can be complex. We offer expertise and support to guide you through this process and ensure that your Nextcloud installation meets your exact needs.


Nextcloud costs

Nextcloud is free as a self-hosted solution, which is an attractive option for companies. However, the costs incurred for the server and domain should not be underestimated. We can help you optimize these costs and get the most out of your Nextcloud installation.

Nextcloud Desktop Client

The Nextcloud Desktop Client is an efficient tool for direct access to your server data. This client, used by us and many of our customers on a daily basis, offers seamless and secure data access.


Data management

Nextcloud allows you to store and manage data in various formats. You can access your data via the browser or by synchronizing it with your PC. Our expertise will help you find the optimal configuration for your needs.


Extensions and integrations

We support you in selecting and implementing the Nextcloud extensions that are relevant to you. From communication solutions such as Nextcloud Talk to specialized applications such as Nextcloud Survey and Nextcloud Collections - we make sure that your Nextcloud platform is tailored precisely to your requirements.



Nextcloud is a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes. With our extensive expertise in Nextcloud setup, customization and maintenance, we make it easy for you to leverage this powerful platform. Contact us to find out how we can support your business with Nextcloud.

Nextcloud FAQ


What is Nextcloud and what is it used for?

Nextcloud is an open source file synchronization and sharing platform. It allows users to store, access and share data in a similar way to cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, but with full control and data protection.

Why should I use Nextcloud instead of other cloud services?

Nextcloud offers greater control and data protection because you know where your data is stored and who has access to it. As an open source solution, it also offers greater transparency and customization options.

What are the costs for using Nextcloud?

Nextcloud itself is free if you host it on your own server. Costs are incurred for server and domain maintenance. We offer support to optimize these costs.

How secure is my data with Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is very secure, especially if it is set up and maintained correctly. Regular backups and updates ensure additional security and integrity of your data.

Can I install and set up Nextcloud myself?

Yes, the basic installation of Nextcloud is relatively simple, but can become complex with specific extensions. We offer professional support to ensure that your installation runs smoothly.

What is the Nextcloud Desktop Client and what is it used for?

The Nextcloud Desktop Client is a software that allows you to access and synchronize the data stored on the Nextcloud server directly from your PC.

How is data managed in Nextcloud?

Nextcloud supports various file formats and allows you to manage data via the browser or desktop client. You can upload, share and synchronize data.

What kind of extensions and integrations does Nextcloud offer?

Nextcloud offers a variety of extensions and integrations, including communication tools, office applications and data analysis tools. We can help you select the right extensions for your needs.

How often does Nextcloud need to be maintained?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the security and efficiency of Nextcloud. This includes regular updates and system integrity checks.

Does your agency offer support in setting up and maintaining Nextcloud?

Yes, we offer comprehensive services for setting up, customizing and maintaining Nextcloud instances. Contact us for customized solutions that meet your requirements.

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