Project itinerary

Achieving our goals together, efficiently and with maximum transparency 

1. Making first contact

First, you must fill out our contact form and tell us a bit about yourself, your goals, and how you think that we can support you. The more detail you provide, the better we can prepare for the following telephone conversation to discuss your opportunities. Should you require assistance in defining your goals first, we will also happily support you in doing so.

2. Getting acquainted

During our first telephone conversation, we will ask you specific questions in order to figure out how we can best help you develop a rough concept for your project. This conversation is free of charge. Should you decide against a cooperation, you will most likely find this initial exchange with our experts to be beneficial for you and your business.

3. Concept proposal

We will send you a unique, detailed proposal outlining the outcome we envision for your project, as well as the specific tasks and timeframe required. We will make a rough estimate of the costs involved and send you a transparent offer. Once you have had a chance to review our proposal, we can negotiate its terms and conditions and make any necessary adjustments. It is important that we define our tasks and goals clearly, to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the final outcome of our collaboration. Of course we are happy to renegotiate the terms of your project until we reach a satisfying final plan of action.

4. Implementation

This is the part where you can kick back, relax, and let us do the work. We will implement the project proposal that we elaborated together. Depending on the project, we will be relatively reliant on your feedback. In the case of design projects, for instance, we will need to consult your opinion more frequently than for projects of another sort.

5. Delivery & consultation

You will receive all relevant files and data in advance of the official project hand over. Next, we will explain the exact outcome and any special features that relate to your project to you and your team, and advise you on potential future measures. Should you be satisfied with our results and be interested in a future collaboration, we would be happy to discuss your options at this point.

Remuneration for our services

Our remuneration model follows the same principles as our business in that it is simply and transparently structured.

We calculate the costs of all our services according to the work hours invested. That way, you will directly profit from our expertise in that our professionals require comparatively little time to complete their tasks. The combination of our comprehensive expertise and an internationally-based team will ensure a high quality service at a low cost. 

The hourly wage will vary according to the complexity of the task and the level of experience required for our team members to complete it. 

The total cost for the implementation of your project will be broken down into hourly wages for each component task. These will be listed in the cost estimate that we send you after we finalize the project proposal.

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