Online Marketing

The path to greater visibility on the web

In today’s world, a thorough (online) marketing strategy is at least equally as important as the development of the product itself. Even the best product or service will remain futile if it does not have a strong digital outreach, for it will not be acknowledged and appreciated by the right people. The easiest and most convenient way to attain such a digital reach and to draw people’s attention to your product or service is through online marketing.


We handle the tedious aspects

Because creating an individual online marketing campaign is a comprehensive task, we will outline the various aspects involved here and provide examples of our services. Should you choose to work with us, you will of course enjoy access to all our expertise as we assist and advise you in building a strong digital reach, one step at a time.


Creating a marketing strategy

In order to create a suitable online marketing strategy, we will begin by helping you determine your business goals.

Your online marketing strategy can focus on various goals, for instance:

  • creating brand recognition and popularity
  • increasing sales in your online shop
  • increasing customer visits in your local shop


Defining target groups for focused streaming of your online contents

Aside from its low cost and high potential for maximizing your digital outreach, online marketing has the added benefit of directly addressing your desired target market.

Online marketing channels allow you to consult anonymized user data like no other. No time or money is wasted in streaming your online advertisement to individuals to whom it does not appeal. As such, online marketing allows you to simultaneously address multiple target groups. The following attributes can help you classify users and define your target groups:

  • location
  • gender
  • age
  • frequently viewed websites
  • utilized device
  • interests

We perceive this practice of user targeting to be the greatest advantage of online marketing. It allows you to determine when and to whom paid advertisements are streamed, particularly through Search Engine Advertising (SEA).


Setting up marketing channels

Once we have created a marketing strategy, we will select the online marketing channels that are best suited to your business ambitions and preferences, and will set up the respective pages. Our expertise addresses the following marketing channels:

  • Google Search
  • Google Images Network
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Xing

These channels complement each other very well and can be used together to help you reach out to your customers on different platforms and at various stages of the customer journey.Regardless of whether the customer searches for a product on Google or views it in their Instagram feed – both channels hold the potential to stream customized, relevant content in order to achieve the desired outcome (for instance, an online purchase or a visit to the respective website).

These channels can be used to run both paid and SEO-based marketing campaigns, each of which has their own advantages and disadvantages. Contact us and we will help you develop a clear, detailed and suitable online marketing strategy for you and/or your business.


Further administration and/or consultation services for your online marketing campaigns

After setting up your online marketing campaigns, we pass on all relevant data, passwords and information to you. We will also compile detailed, personalized instructions for the further administration of your online advertisements to support you and your team in managing your marketing campaigns, analyzing data and adapting your advertisements accordingly.

We offer strategic, goal-oriented consultations at regular intervals regarding various online marketing strategies. We are also happy to take over the long-term administration of your marketing channels, thus freeing you from this task entirely. Many of our customers opt for this service.