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Are you looking for expertise in React? Welcome to Schoenegge.io, your innovative partner for React agency. We're all about React - from simple apps to complex web development.

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React App Development

We implement your ideas, whether React web development or React Native development.


Our experts are ready. To advise you on the most important questions around React.


We optimize your existing React solutions and support them on a long-term basis if desired.

Why schoenegge.io?

Experience and quality

Our clients are often looking for the best "React Germany experience" - and that's exactly what we offer! Whether you are looking for a React JS agency or a React Native agency, we have the expertise.

Comprehensive service

From idea to implementation - whether it's "React app building", "React software development" or specialized requests like "React server side rendering" and "React state management", we cover the entire spectrum.

Learning and continuing education

Want to learn React Native or delve into "React Best Practices"? Our React trainings are just right for you!

React FAQ

React has established itself as one of the leading programming languages and frameworks for web and mobile development. We'll answer your questions and show you why React is the right choice for your project.

What is React?

React is an open JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It allows developers to create reusable UI components and provides an efficient way to update and render web pages.

What is the difference between React and React Native?

While React is primarily designed for web applications, React Native allows you to develop native apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms. Both use similar concepts, but React Native uses native components instead of web components.

Why should I use React for my web application?

React offers several advantages:

  • Efficiency: The virtual DOM can be used to perform quick updates and renders.
  • Reusability: Components can be reused in different parts of an application or even in different projects.
  • Strong Community: A large and active community means constant updates, lots of resources and support.
What are React Hooks?

Hooks are a recent addition to React that allows developers to use State and other React features in functional components without writing classes.

Why do many companies choose React Native for mobile apps?

React Native makes it possible to develop with one code base for both Android and iOS. This speeds up the development process, saves costs, and enables a consistent user experience across both platforms.

What does "React State Management" mean?

State management refers to the handling of data that a component can display or change. In React, this can be done locally within components or with external libraries such as Redux or MobX.

What is Redux and how does it work with React?

Redux is an independent library for application state management. In combination with React, it enables consistent behavior and easier data flow in larger applications.

Can you migrate my existing website or app to React?

Yes, at Schoenegge.io we have experience in migrating existing projects to React or React Native. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer training or workshops on React or React Native?

Yes, we offer both beginner and advanced courses for React and React Native. If you are interested, contact us directly.

How long does it take to develop a typical React web application?

The duration depends on the complexity and requirements of the project. For an accurate estimate, we recommend contacting us directly.

How does React's Virtual DOM work?

The Virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept that creates a virtual copy of the actual DOM in storage. Each time a change is made to the web interface, React creates a new Virtual DOM and compares it to the previous one to determine which parts need to be updated. This comparison process is called "reconciliation." After determining the differences, React updates only the affected parts in the real DOM. This approach allows React to make changes efficiently and quickly without having to re-render the entire DOM.

What are the advantages of Server Side Rendering (SSR)?

Server side rendering refers to the rendering of web page content on the server before it is sent to the browser. This offers several advantages:

  1. Faster loading times: Content is sent to the browser already rendered, resulting in faster initial content rendering.
  2. SEO Optimization: Search engines can index the rendered content more easily because they don't have to wait for JavaScript to run to see the content.
  3. Better performance: Since most of the resources are processed on the server, clients have to do less work, which is especially useful for low-powered devices.
  4. Consistent content: All users receive the same rendered content from the server, regardless of their device capabilities or settings.
  5. Reduced client-side code: With SSR, much of the application logic can be offloaded to the server, reducing the JavaScript code required for the client.

Server Side Rendering combined with React's Virtual DOM provides a powerful solution for fast, responsive, and SEO-friendly web applications.

React compared to other frameworks/libraries






Year established 2013 2010 2014 2011
Size (KB) 38 500+ 80 500+
Reactivity Yes Yes Yes No
Virtual DOM Yes No Yes No
Data Binding One way Double Double Double
Community Support Very high High Medium Medium
Performance High Medium High Medium
Learning curve Medium Steep Simply Steep
Integration Simply Complex Simply Medium
Flexibility High Medium High Medium
Mobile Support React Native Ionic Vue Native No

Our latest React project

As a React agency, we have developed a configurator specifically for the e-mobility industry. In collaboration with the headless CMS "Directs", we created a React frontend that is both dynamic and responsive.

Thanks to the backend, customers can create different configurators and customize them.

React offered us the perfect platform to design content in the frontend quickly and efficiently. By using TypeScript and Tailwind, we were able to achieve optimal results.

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The projects we implement are as diverse as our customers and their needs. We are proud to be able to implement many different projects and to use the latest technologies. The fulfillment of customer needs is always our first priority.

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