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What's the Schonegge.io team doing to get the Spring juices flowing? Well, some of us are planting way too many tulips and lillies in the house, and the kitchen is beginning to look like a jungle. Others are far busier studying, and cannot afford to be wasting their time planting things. The one thing we all have in common is our anticipation of the impending warm weather (finally).

Did you know that e-commerce generally doesn't do quite as well throughout the Summer months, since everyone is spending less time online? What does this mean for those of us who offer products or communicate information through our sites? Optimize, optimize, optimize! Take advantage of the pre-Summer weather and let us help you create the perfect marketing plan to optimize your website in preparation for everyone's favorite season.

Additionally, Schoenegge.io has thought up a little Springtime Deal! We're offering a 25% discount on all services until the end of August. Take advantage of this once-in-a-Springtime deal and contact us today!

If that doesn't generate a sunny disposition, we don't know what will.

Let's grow!