Website Creation

Tailored to your business needs

We create and finalize your website according to your individual preferences, both for personal and professional purposes. We primarily use WordPress or Shopware to set up your website. However, we can also utilize services such as Cotao, Joomler, or whatever you decide works best for you and your website. Determining the most suitable service for you and your business depends very much on the nature and purpose of your website.

Micro Page
Business Website
Web Application
Landing Page


Here’s how we will create your website

After having determined the key requirements as well as some basic features, such as a logo and an internet address, we will put together a concept for your prospective website. Our comprehensive services in this area can be customized to your individual needs and desires. We are prepared to take over every aspect of the website creation step.

No matter whether you need to book a web server, reserve a domain, elaborate a web design or adapt contents and images for publication on your website – we will structure our work entirely according to your wishes and priorities, as well as provide feedback and advice on how you can develop your vision further. Following your free initial consultation, we will draw up a plan of action for the creation of your website. This will entail a detailed list featuring all the tasks involved in creating and finalizing your website.

In a follow-up meeting, we will discuss the various points on the agenda and offer you an opportunity to add or remove specific services related to the creation of your website.


Output – What we deliver

After having finalized your website, we will pass on all access keys and instructions to you, which will allow you to independently manage your website in the future. In the official handover, you will be given the opportunity to let us supervise and administer your website entirely and maximize your digital outreach by means of online marketing activities that will promote your new website.