Website Analysis

Only those who know where they stand, can plan their path

We compile a detailed analysis to give you an overview of your website’s current visibility on the web. This analysis will not only demonstrate your website’s current visibility, but also outline the developments that have led to this point.


The following aspects have an impact on your digital outreach

  • loading speed
  • indexed search terms
  • competing websites
  • backlinks (links to your own pages built into your website)
  • titles and descriptions of individual pages
  • website contents
  • structure of website contents

We consider these aspects and more when analyzing and evaluating your website’s visibility on the web and use this information to optimize in the future.


Output – what we deliver

You will receive a comprehensive report as well as a personal, verbal assessment of your online presence. This assessment is intended to help you interpret the findings of our analysis, and outline practical suggestions for improvement in the future.