Big Data Management

The greater the construction, the more important the foundation

Do you have a large bulk of data that you struggle to make use of? Do you want to launch an online project involving large data sets? No problem!


“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

(The Economist, 2017)


Our experience with big data

We look back on many years of experience working with various companies in this field. We’ve helped set up an online shopping network which hosts over 16 million products across thousands of categories that are automatically updated every day. The individual characteristics of listed products are drawn from numerous online sources and then converted into our own data structure using machine learning algorithms. This is an entirely automatic procedure.

Furthermore, we have set up multiple online shopping portals and integrated automatisms that have immensely simplified important digital procedures.


Discovering your data’s potential

We will happily help you examine the potential your data holds for your business, and support you in structuring it intelligently. Generally speaking, big data management goes hand in hand with machine-learning and process automation.

Unused data sets also offer potential for digital marketing campaigns. They help target users and potential customers efficiently and directly which, consequently, leads to a successful outcome. For this reason, it is advisable to consider performing online marketing activities in conjunction with the management of your data, as this will render your website maximally attractive.

Ultimately, you can also choose to monetize your data by granting access to third parties. This may be an attractive option should you wish to use your data, not only to your own benefit.